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The HFAM II Dataprep program (Dataprep) is custom software developed by Hydrocomp, Inc to assist in the preparation of real-time meteorological data for use with HFAM II. The Dataprep program is customized for use in a particular watershed during the initial setup of the required Dataprep database and watershed map.

The meteorological data required by HFAM II to simulate runoff and snow processes are precipitation, temperature, evaporation, solar radiation and wind speed. Dataprep can be used to prepare HFAM II input for any watershed, according to the watershed-specific information provided in the Dataprep database.


The standard steps required to prepare HFAM II real-time meteorological data input files using Dataprep are:


  1. compile raw data files;
  2. import raw data;
  3. check the raw data quality;
  4. generate final data;
  5. check the final data quality; and
  6. export the final data.


Raw data refers to the data observations recorded at the real-time meteorological data collection station as provided by the collection agency. Final data refers to continuous hourly meteorological timeseries that represent conditions at the meteorological stations, as required by HFAM II.


A dataset is a timeseries of data of a specific type (precipitation, temperature, evaporation, solar radiation or wind speed) at a specific station. The final datasets are generated from the raw data and edited, if necessary, to create continuous hourly records at the HFAM II stations.


HFAM II requires data input files to be in a specific Extensible Markup Language (XML) format. The XML language is a document processing standard for defining the structure of information. The data required in a specific XML file and the structure of these data are defined in a schema.


The schema for HFAM II XML daily and hourly timeseries files (timeseries.xsd) is shown below.




Data can be plotted for individual stations, as shown below, or spatially over the land segments defined in Hfam II.





To create spatial plots Dataprep uses information provided in an ArcInfo shapefile to generate a watershed map of the Hfam II input variables. The shapefile contains the spatial extent of Hfam II land segments.


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