Ms. Kenward is Senior Hydrologist at Hydrocomp, specializing in model development and applications. She has wide experience in software (Windows, DOS, UNIX, Delphi , Visual Basic, C, Dbase IV, MS Access and ArcView) and with hydrologic and water resource models (HSPF, EPANET, HEC-1, UBC, SDP, DHSVM, Hydrops, and MODFLOW).


Ms. Kenward developed the general purpose HFAM2 (Hydrocomp Forecasting and Analysis Model) using XML I/O protocols. HFAM2 is used for reservoir management, creating inflow and demand forecasts. Ms. Kenward developed the Hfam Dataprep program, a progam for convenient hydrometeorological data management for HFAM2.


Her professional experience includes water supply analysis, PMP flood/spillway studies, stochastic analysis, El Nino effects in hydrologic forecasting, and optimization for hydropower operations. Ms. Kenward is a graduate of Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada (BSCE), and of the University of Washington in Seattle (MSCE – Civil Engineering, Hydrology).


She is a registered professional engineer in California and in British Columbia, Canada and is fluent in English and French.


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