Hydrocomp, Inc.

Hydrocomp, Inc. develops and distributes continuous hydrologic simulation software (HFAM) and provides consulting, specializing in hydrologic modeling and analysis. Our goal is to provide innovative methods for the management of water resources.

Hydrocomp has its origins in research on mathematical modeling of hydrologic processes at Stanford University . In the past thirty-five years, Hydrocomp has developed several widely used modeling systems, including the Hydrologic Simulation Program-Fortran (HSPF).

Recent work in model development has created graphical, interactive systems for water resource management. Hydrocomp's Forecast and Analysis Modeling System (HFAM) makes streamflow forecasting and analysis of reservoir operations easy for operators and planners. Hydrocomp conducts workshops and seminars on its models that hundreds of professionals have attended.

In addition to model development, Hydrocomp conducts detailed water resource investigations in particular basins and has over four decades of experience in modeling analysis. Hydrocomp has completed projects throughout the United States and Canada , and in South America, Europe, Africa and Asia . Areas of expertise include streamflow simulation and forecasting, probable maximum floods, and analysis of surface and groundwater resources, reservoir reliability, and the impacts of land management practices on streamflow and water quality.

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Hydrocomp, Inc.