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Hydrocomp offers a four-day training workshop for HFAM II software. HFAM II is an interactive continuous hydrologic modeling system with convenient GUI components. It is designed for real-time operational applications, design analysis, and other water resource investigations.

The workshop is intended for new and prospective users of continuous hydrologic simulation and covers modeling techniques, model calibration, data requirements, and applications of simulation modeling for water resource facilities.

The workshop emphasize is:

  • The physical processes that are represented by the model, such as infiltration, overland flow, and snow accumulation and melt.
  • The model algorithms that represent the physical processes.
  • Modeling techniques, model calibration, and data requirements.
  • Applications of the model to water resource for design and operation of water resource facilities.

A key component of the workshop is a hands-on model setup and calibration which includes a short field trip into a local watershed.

To view the HFAM II workshop agenda, click viewHFAMagenda.



Operation of reservoirs is a fundamental tasks in water resource management. New technologies for data collection, reservoir inflow forecasting and optimization analysis for new release requirements are changing reservoir operations. Software for reservoir operations may run 'in-house' in a SCADA system, or may run on 'stand-alone' computers. Keeping reservoir operations software current is challenging. Most reservoir operators need to employ software specialists for updates, and software that is not updated becomes obsolete.

To view the RESERVOIR agenda click viewRESagenda.


Upcoming workshops:


  • HFAM II Workshops are scheduled as needed


  • San Francisco, CA


The RESERVOIRS workshop fee is $150.00.


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