Hydrologic simulation and analysis

optimizing water resource facility design and operations

Plan current and future water resource facility operations with Hydrocomp Forecast and Analysis Model (HFAM) software. HFAM simulates hydrologic processes utilizing both historical and real-time data illustrating how watershed behavior will impact your facility.


Predict the unpredictable

HFAM utilizes thousands of segments giving you accurate forecasting for how hydrologic processes will impact the watersheds that spill into your facility. Accurate projections give you the information needed to make educated decisions.

more than software

More than software

Hydrocomp will ensure you are using HFAM to its maximum potential. Founded in 1966, you’ll be getting the most experienced and comprehensive simulation consulting in the industry from the company that brought Stanford Watershed Model innovations into engineering practice.

How will HFAM impact your facility?


Turlock Irrigation District
City of Bellingham Public Works
Seattle Public Utilities