HFAM Applications

Bridalveil Falls, CA
Project: Turlock Irrigation District

Utilize simulation and modeling to illustrate how hydrologic processes impact various elements


Simulation, calibration, and modeling executed by HFAM allows you to make accurate projections and educated decisions based on historical records.

HFAM uses various parameters and elements to create comprehensive hydrologic simulations. Knowing how expected hydrologic processes will impact your water resource utility will ensure you meet water demands and assist you in understanding flood risks mitigating potential.

HFAM Applications


Optimize operations, make spillway decisions based on probable data, meet water demands by calculating a firm yield.

Watershed Lands

Understand how flood frequency, precipitation and runoff frequency, and climate change affect watershed lands through simulation analysis.


Determine flood frequencies for both gaged and ungaged streams through hydrologic simulation and the calibration of historical conditions.

Glacial Modeling

Utilize glacial segments to model snow accumulation and melt and understand how elevation and temperature will affect glacial melt.


Define the relationship between surface water and groundwater and track overall watershed balance in a watershed.